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Landscape Magazine

Posted: 31/08/2010 by Eric L in Publication, UK
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Goodies often come in two.

We just posted how you can read The Ride journal online Yesterday, today we show you yet another one – Landscape Magazine.

You can read the current issue, in which there is an interview of Juliet Elliott, online or download the previous issues here.

Photo: Jonathan Borms


The Ride Journal

Posted: 30/08/2010 by Eric L in Publication, UK
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What is “The Ride” journal?

According to their website, “….The idea was to create a journal of personal stories. Bikes have changed people’s lives in so many ways and we wanted to gather a small selection of these tales. We didn’t want to give reviews or race reports, we wanted to get under the skin and expose the passion that flows through riders veins.”

So far, 4 issues of The Ride have been published. The earliest two can be downloaded from their site for free. You can order their print copy via website for £9.50 if you’re in UK and £13.50 if you’re elsewhere in the globe.

Striped Shirt

Posted: 29/08/2010 by Eric L in Art, USA
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New piece from Halfanese. A tattoo girl with a fixie.

Perhaps due to a Yellow Rain Signal, no one showed up in the Critical Mass of August. I was not aware of it when I headed to the gathering point. So I guess it’s a private Critical Mass this time.

Music is Paving the Way (re:plus Remix) courtesy of Incise.

After the ride I dropped by Bike 7, which is one of the bike shops that I often visit. They carry a neat range of downhill bikes and road bikes. Owner and staff are friendly and helpful. I learnt a great deal from them here.

Bike 7’s address: G/F, 49 Sa Po Road, Kowloon City.

About what is Critical Mass bike ride.

Jay Chou With Fixed Gear

Posted: 28/08/2010 by Messenger in Celebrity, Taiwan
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周杰倫為動感地帶拍攝的最新廣告花絮出動 fixed gear bike!

Seen via

Bicycle Rush Hour In Copenhagen

Posted: 27/08/2010 by Eric L in City, Copenhagen, Video
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Copenhagen is among the most cycling-friendly cities. The city’s infra-structure is designed with cyclists in the mind. This is a footage shot over a period of several months, showing Copenhagen is rush hours, mostly in the morning.

Seen via Copenhagenize.

Girl Set Up a Skateboard

Posted: 27/08/2010 by Eric L in Skateboarding, Video
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Okay okay, I know, this is not about fixed gear nor cycling. But since this is a nice piece of tutorial clip performed by two very skilled pretties who are generous enough to show us what they are made of. Plus the fact that skateboarding and fixed gear riding have so much in common. I say we break our rules for just one time. Enjoy!

Fixed Gear London Jacket

Posted: 27/08/2010 by Eric L in Fetish, Outfit, Shop, UK
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Designed from the ground up by Fixedgearlondon, this jacket is completely waterproof and breathable. The material has the same specifications as 3 layer GoreTex.

Check out Fixedgearlondon’s Shop here.

Would you like if we produce a jacket like this?

La Garibaldina

Posted: 25/08/2010 by Eric L in Alleycat Race, Italy, Video
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La Garibaldina. Alleycat in Bergamo, Italy, 25 September 2010.

The Official Trailer to the long anticipated feature film To Live & Ride in L.A.has been released! Watch in HD!

Check out the Official Movie Site for more info.