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2xanadu prides itself on building a creative playground, Bespoke: Creative, where art and industries mix to explore the market and the art of ‘bespoke’.
By creating golden opportunities for designers everywhere, to experiment with an expansive range of mediums and concepts, Bespoke: Creative provides a platform for national, and international, creative designers to engage audiences with their talent, innovative thinking and fresh approaches to design.
The Bespoke: Creative show will exhibit a selection of Luma International’s Fixed Gear Bike Frames adorned with graphics by 10 of the world’s leading and up-and-coming creative designers in the industry.
In addition to being a remarkable opportunity for talented designers, the show promises to attract the support from bike lovers, bespoke art admirers, and some of the most influential international creative designers, such as OBE Jimmy Choo.

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A revision of an old clip. A documentary about the fixed gear culture in Germany in 2009.

[FRAME] Chapter Eighteen

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The man is a legend.

The faintest idea of a bike.

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Is It Real?

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VAGX x Exelite LumiSac

Posted: 28/11/2010 by Eric L in Bag
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LumiSac is a collaboration product between VAGX and Exelite. There is an illuminative belt for riding safely at night. It is definitely great for night riders.  Four AAA batteries will last for 10 to 12 hours of usage. LumiSac has arrived at Stout Shop.

VAGX 與 Exelite 合作推出 LumiSac 發光腰帶,為顧及 Rider 的需要,VAGX 將發光腰帶與腰包融為一體,適合夜行騎車者使用。  LumiSac 只需要使用4 粒 AAA 電芯,能使用10至12小時。LumiSac 已到着 STOUT 店

Check Out RH+O Bike At STOUT Shop

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As announced previously about the shopping special privilege collaboration between Alleycat Fixed Gear and STOUT, now you can check out RH+O bike’s slick design and craftsmanship at STOUT shop. The shop has a great range of messenger bags, backpacks, t-shirts and accessories. You can find the stuff you love in a casual and friendly environment while checking out RH+O bike in person. If you decided to buy a RH+O bike after visiting the shop, don’t forget to ask shop attendant for a discount. STOUT Shop’s address.

不久前曾宣報過 Alleycat Fixed Gear 與 STOUT 的購物優惠合作,現在你更可在 STOUT shop 看到 RH+O bike 的流麗設計及製作工藝。STOUT shop 提供一系列信差袋、背包、t-shirt 及配件小物。你可以在舒適友善的環境下購得你心愛的物件,還可以親身看真 RH+O bike。若你決定購買 RH+O bike,別忘記查詢店員有關折扣!STOUT shop 地址

BFF – psycho beach party gold sprints

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Day 3 of the BFF and the the tropical themed gold sprints were up and firing.

Bike Ride through Bali, Taiwan

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How much I miss (Cat Power) Chan Marshall’s voice. And remember I did a same last shot on one of my videos too.

Fixiepicnic Weekend 2010 korea / Seoul

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