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Flwrider MADE IN STEEL T-Shirt

Posted: 27/06/2011 by Eric L in Attire
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Pay homage to the single most significant material in the history of cycling. It is one of the most versatile material we have on earth, it has allowed artisans and craftmans to explore their creativity and to produce the best ever cycle frames that you have ever ridden!

Your first bike was most probably made of this fabulous material and it is the bike made of this stuff that you go back to time and time again.

Who would of known that by accidentally adding carbon, Not fiber, but from coke to iron it has mass produced a material that has the stiffness of carbon and the strength which is unsurpassed. And 300 years later this material is still the choice of many great frame builders and the single most important material that has propelled cycling to this era!

The material, that is Steel.

We are not just content with riding on frames made out of steel, we would Iike you to join us and celebrate this material.

The “MADE IN STEEL” Tee, for the Cycling Purest, like all of us here at Flwrider.

BUY NOW. Alternatively, you can buy it at Rodafixa.

Fixed gear – Miroir d’eau Bordeaux

Posted: 27/06/2011 by Eric L in France
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[SAVE THE BIKE LANE] is a new project of [SEOUL got SOUL] series. Seoul is not covered up with enough bike lanes compare to the size of the city, so the main purpose of this project is to create bike lanes on the road as a propaganda against Seoul city.
The yellow line on the left side of the logo means protection, so you can see it as we are here to save the bike lanes. No cars are allowed.

Hong Kong Island Hardcore Ride

Posted: 26/06/2011 by Eric L in Bike Ride

Dougea, Frankie and Ian initiated a mid-night hardcore ride going around Hong Kong island at 12:00am on 25 Jun. As many have known Hong Kong island is full of hills. Riding a fixed on these climbs is a good receipt for cramping. We tested well our stamina on this 45k route. After six hours of teeth-grinding torment, we earned ourselves a full body of fatigue, as well as a breakfast at McDonald’s.

As I paused Endomondo at some point of the journey so a bit is missing

A more detailed Gmaps Pedometer HERE.

Thanks BrianF for a brilliant edit.


Posted: 22/06/2011 by Eric L in Art

Seen via werewolvesfuckyoface.

Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown

Posted: 22/06/2011 by Eric L in Bike Film
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Double-O Crit, Team Relay

Posted: 22/06/2011 by Eric L in Criterium
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The Double-O crit is back, we’ll be doing the race in Sunny Bay, with the same course. However this time it will be a TEAM RELAY. Which means you’ll be racing with a partner to claim your victory.

9 Laps this time, at SUNNY BAY DISNEYLAND AREA. Check out the route and race instructions below… This time we have loads of prizes from some awesome sponsors. And again there’s gonna be a bunch of FREE BEER and drinks for people to enjoy during and after the race!

Email if you need more race info.

We can’t thank Brian K of Bicycle Pit enough for contributing this time around… Thanks to our other sponsors too, Rodafixa, Hanart TZ gallery and San Marco.

If you’re free on the 2nd of July, come on over!

Sick Hong Kong Coverage

Posted: 22/06/2011 by Eric L in Bike Ride
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Thank you Numi! Great photographic chronicle!