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The first fixed gear Halloween Alleycat in Hong Kong. 33 racers participated. Round of applause to all.

Huge respect for non-local racers such as Nicholas and Kian Tat from Malaysia, Ellen from Macau and Sander from Shenzhen, China. The first 7 were super fast front-runners. The rest of the pack took another 30 mins or more to reach end point.

1st: Kenneth Chau
2nd: Sander Cole
3rd: Brian Kwan
4th: Even Chim
5th: Alex Lau
6th: Peter Yiu
7th: Cyrus Leung
8th: Ian Tam
9th: Frankie Leung
10th: Andrew Chung
Best Outfit: Sheila Hioe

Big thank you to the sponsors: Colossi Cycling, Bicycle Pit, G.U.M, Ciclismo Totale, Mission Workshop and Rodafixa.
Flwrider will be back with more races soon.

Big thank you to Brian Fu and Freddie Li for their help and knowledge in the game. And Jack Tong for photographing the riders, in digital and FILM! Yum~


GoldSprint Christmas 2011

Posted: 28/10/2011 by Eric L in Goldsprint

More info will follow.

Let’s ride Bali 100

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[SAVE THE BIKE LANE] was one of the biggest project of [SEOUL got SOUL] series. (SEOUL got SOUL is a series of short documentray films that tells about fixed gear riders living in Seoul city). This film got selected for Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) 2011.

Hell’s Belles Vol. 1

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London’s first ladies (majority) bike polo tournament.

September Montage 2011

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A new edit by Matt Reyes.


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The Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2012 is now live and available for purchase. It features 13 of the most beautiful and popular bikes from 2011. Check the page-by-page preview here. Read more.

Patrick’s Kagero

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Sick way of twisting a double toe strap. It seems to work out fine for Patrick.

Seen via Pedal Room.

Congratulations SPREAD

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SPREAD by G.U.M has opened its new shop in TST. One more great place to see great bikes. Check out their carbon lug road bikes by Cyfac there.

To Hell & Back

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