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On 28 Jan 50ish riders gathered at Tsim Sha Tsui for a big ride going around Kowloon peninsula. The 106Km route was set to torment all, aiming for glory through suffering. Except a few volunteer helpers on geared bikes, all others rode a fixed gear. Huge respect for Max and David from Taiwan who came especially for the ride.
After 6 odd hours of grinding on the saddle, the peloton departed in Tai Po. The rest rode on to Tai Wai, while the last 10 marched on to Tsim Sha Tsui, finishing 106Km.
A few minor accidents did happen. Shek took a nasty face plant and there went two front teeth. Lad took it easy though.
I’ve only finished 87K. My Strava record:


Bike Rides – YMT Fixed

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After Fredrik Andersen bought his Bianchi Condotti at Rodafixa, he started YMT Fixed with his mate Glenn. Well, Fred, we love to see new faces to the Hong Kong fixed scene. And we hope your evangelical effort of fixed gear cycling in Norway will take it up to a new level!

Here are a couple of nicely edited rides of YMT Fixed guys! Keep your new clips rolling in!


John Cardiel – Interview 2012

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Tribute to John Cardiel. Sit back and enjoy his reggae.

Go On, Dream

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Seen via Go On, Dream

Bikes on Wheels: Be Mighty

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Sick advert from Toronto bike shop, Bikes on Wheels.

Nick Surachaet Bike check 2012

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A simple idea can make a big difference. A videosketch demonstrating a scenario for the Dimensional Traffic Sensor System, which helps drivers be more aware of cyclists and makes cyclists more visible in heavy traffic.