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Asia Fixed Gear Championship AFGC 2012

Posted: 24/10/2012 by Eric L in Event
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AFGC came back from last year’s big success with a big shoe to fill. Riders from all over China and Asia came to Shenzhen for this two-day event (20-21 Oct) which consisted of Trick Comp, Alley Cat, Goldsprint, Criterium and, the first in Asia, Fixed Gear Cyclocross. The Organizers, Colossi, StarTrack and Flwrider, would like to thank all the sponsors, helpers and participants. Humongous love especially goes to Cadence, Chrome and Sipsmith.


Levi’s Commuter Swap Meet

Posted: 21/07/2012 by Eric L in Event

Levi’s Commuter Swap Meet

Posted: 18/07/2012 by Eric L in Event

Anyone wants to register for a Swap Meet after Levi’s Alleycat Race?


Posted: 10/06/2012 by Eric L in Event

11-15 June. We should have one in HK too.

Fixed Fest 2012

Posted: 30/05/2012 by Eric L in Event

If you have no idea what it is, I’ve nothing to do with you. Register HERE.

Shanghai’s 1st Rockabilly Carnival

Posted: 13/04/2012 by Eric L in Event

Tomorrow O’Malley’s Pub is hosting Shanghai’s first ever Rockabilly Carnival, presented by – there’s a full line up of fun bands, good DJs and some great drink deals. Entrance is free before 3pm, and you can enter the auction/raffle to win one of its custom re-build bikes!

Quoc Pham launch party at Nabiis shop in Taipei

Posted: 07/12/2011 by Eric L in Event

It’s happening on 30th Dec. If you’re lucky, you may bump into Mr Quoc Pham himself in Rodafixa between 19th and 21st Dec.

On a videography point of view, the editing is seamless.

Crime Alley Presents…FCRB Alleycat Race

Posted: 18/07/2011 by Eric L in Event

Crime Alley presents a fixed gear tricks competition and race at the Sister Cities parking garage. 6pm on July 24th in Rotchester, NY

Spray Paint & Fixed Gear Gathering

Posted: 07/07/2011 by Eric L in Event
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