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Andy A Day in Sapporo

Posted: 01/09/2011 by Eric L in Japan

KASHIMAX Promotion Film

Posted: 25/08/2011 by Eric L in Japan, Keirin


Posted: 06/07/2011 by Eric L in Japan
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Blackened Sessions

Posted: 20/04/2011 by Eric L in Japan

Great to see our Japanese friends whipping it again. Shonen and Daichi.

AFG To Donate In Japan’s Hardship

Posted: 15/03/2011 by Eric L in Japan

Alleycat Fixed Gear (AFG) is taking action to help Japan, other than praying.
From today to end of 31 Mar, AFG will donate HK$1 for each fan who LIKEs its Facebook page. As of 15 Mar, there are 221 fans. So AFG will at least donate HK$221. The more fans we get, the more we will donate. We will choose wisely which organisation to donate to in this period.
We believe the world can unite together in times of hardship. Please be brave Japan, the world is with you.

Alleycat Fixed Gear (AFC) 除為日本祁禱外,會以行動幫助。
由今天起至三月三十一日,AFG 會為每一個 LIKE AFG Facebook page 的 fans 捐出 HK$1。以今天三月十五日計,AFG 擁有 221 fans,故起碼會捐出 HK$221。越多 Fans 便越多捐款。我們會於此期間謹慎選擇捐款機構。

Tokyo Bike Messengers 2010

Posted: 21/02/2011 by Eric L in Japan
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A short student documentary on the Tokyo Bike Messengers.

The new track hub “PLATON” from Brotures, a bicycle brand from the shop Jah Life located in Yokohama, Japan, can easily be switched between free wheel and fixed just by pushing or pulling. Check out more details HERE.

Seen via Cosmic Cycling.

Crank: Campy Record Pista PCD151
Chainring: Campy Record Pista 46T
Chain: Regina Pista 1/8″
Headset: Campy Record Pista Iron
Handle: Nitto NJS Iron 350mm
Stem: Nitto Jaguar Iron 75mm
Peddle: Campy Record Pista Iron
Saddle: Unicanitor (Old Cinelli)
Seat Post: Campy Record 26.2mm
Hubs: Campy Record Pista 36H
Cog: Campy 15T
Toe Clip: AFA France Iron
Toe Strap: Alfredo Binda
BB: Campy Record Pista Iron

Seen via Dig The Right Thing.