Alleycat Fixed Gear invites your contribution!

It’s easy! Just send in one photo of you and your bike (Posture not limited, surprise us!), and answer the following questions. If your submission is chosen, we will post your photo and answers in our website!

  1. Would you introduce yourself and your bike?
  2. How often do you ride your bike?
  3. Where and with whom do you usually ride?
  4. If you could ride with someone, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?
  5. What would you suggest to get more people riding a bike?
  6. Any last words, a quote maybe?

We’re looking forward in receiving your submissions!

Our email:

Alleycat Fixed Gear 邀請你的參與!


  1. 可否介紹一下自己及您的愛驅?
  2. 您有多經常踏自行車?
  3. 通常會在甚麼時間及地方踏車?
  4. 如您可跟任何一個人一起踏車,不論時代生死,您會選誰?為甚麼?
  5. 您有何提議可令多些人踏自行車?
  6. 最後有否任何訊息或金句?


請電郵 (中英文不限)


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