Chris from Taiwan

  1. Would you introduce yourself and your bike? Hey my name is Chris, representing Taiwan. I am 21 years old and now I am studying in Sacramento State University. I love riding!!I used to ride freewheels with 7 speeds before riding a fixed gear. On October, I changed my ride into fixed gear, and since then I just couldn’t resist it. Fixed gear is full of lots of fun because you can keep trying to maximize your limits when you do tricks. And to me, riding bikes should be done truly by your own feet. So…riding fixed gear bikes can really fit with that spirit because bikers have to keep pedaling. My bike is Tsunami from State Bicycle Company. The color is really astonishing and tempting!!I have changed the front wheel to teny rim and bullhorn to pursuit bar. It’s a nice bike and I really love it. It’s my best friend on the road!!
  2. How often do you ride your bike? How often…I would say everyday because I have to go to school by bike. On weekends, my friends and I often ride to American River bike trial and try to ride as far as we can. Sometimes at night, we ride to a parking lot in the university to practice some tricks. I really enjoy night riding, it gives me a sense of existence and release.
  3. Where and with whom do you usually ride? As mentioned, I usually ride to bike trial or parking lots with my friends. No matter how far the road is, we try to conquer it and expand our limits. From 5 miles to 25 miles, we all embrace it.
  4. If you could ride with someone, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why? I will still choose riding with my friends. There are lots of chats happening on the road and that will only make our friendship stronger. Riding with my friends give me happiness instead of stress. Right now I am considering join in the cycling club at Sac State. I believe that will help me improve more.
  5. What would you suggest to get more people riding a bike? I wish more and more people ride bikes, fixed gears, freewheels, whatever bikes. Right now cars are increasingly damaging our environment. Riding bikes save money, stay healthy, and protect our environment. Compare with history, there are more people riding bikes and it becomes a brand new trend. I believe there will be more people come out riding bikes in the future. I also wish more people riding fixed gears as well. Fixed gear is a beautiful bike known for its simplicity. People can choose their own color and accessories. It a tough bike that needs lots of practice but it does gain lots of fun. And I am still believing that this fixed gear culture will have more people to join and to share with.
  6. Any last words, a quote maybe? Last words for people who want to touch with fixed gears. ” Never being afraid of getting hurt or fall on the fixed gear and then give it up. Just embrace and overcome  it because it’s part of it. Because of those failures, you will know how you pick yourself up again and keep moving forward.”



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