1) Why ride a fixed gear bike?

  • There are many reasons for that. Who puts it better than the late *Sheldon Brown? According to Brown, “When you ride a fixed gear, you feel a closer communion with your bike and with the road.”
  • “There is a purity and simplicity to the fixed-gear bicycle that can be quite seductive.”
  • “Riding a fixed gear on the road is excellent exercise. When you need to climb, you don’t need to think about when to change gears, because you don’t have that option.”
  • “A fixed gear gives you a very direct feel for traction conditions on slippery surfaces. This makes them particularly suitable for riding in rainy or icy conditions.”

2) Is it difficult to buy a fixed gear bike?

  • Not really. Although in many cities, such as Hong Kong, bike shops don’t always carry enough options to choose from, buying from online shops has never been easier. Finding a bike which fits your body size is not difficult either. Usually measuring your body height plus inseam length can be quite effective.
  • If you do not want to build up a bike by buying all the parts and the frame piece by piece, choosing a complete bike can be very hassle-free and a sensible way. A complete bike usually optimizes price and performance pretty well. Later if you want to upgrade a particular parts, it also can be done.

3) What equipments or attire do I need to ride a Fixed Gear?

  • Nothing really special. Fixed Gear riding is a very carefree activity, although riding with a front brake (at least), helmet and a proper pair of shoes can never go wrong. If you’re riding at night, it’s wise, or to be legal, to ride with a front AND rear light.
  • On the other hand, if you do NOT want to wear tight and stretchy outfit which is full of brand names in neon colors, it’s perfectly legitimate.

4) What is an ideal route for Fixed Gear riding?

  • Because you can’t change gear when riding a Fixed Gear bike, you’ll find it easiest when riding on flat ground. But since cycling is such a good exercise, you’ll find yourself challenging your physique by climbing slopes soon enough.

5) Is it difficult to ride a Fixed Gear?

  • While there is no rocket science in riding a Fixed Gear bike, you do want to spend some time in exploring the techniques such as mounting, dismounting, and braking the bike, in a cool way. This takes some practices. But as many put it, these techniques will come to you.

6) What kind of shopping experience do I expect when buying at Alleycat Fixed Gear?

  • We’re committed in providing a hassle-free, safe, and responsive online shopping experience which offers a wide variety of fabulous bikes and accessories.
  • We’re always on the look-out about new stock items that will definitely interest you. If you find, on a given day, that we might be low on stock, it probably means that the next batch of goodies is just round the corner. So stay tuned when it comes on our shelf.

1) 為何選擇 Fixed Gear 單車?

  • 選擇 Fixed Gear 自行車可有很多理由。據有“自行百科全書“之稱的 Sheldon Brown 說:”當你踏 Fixed Gear 的時侯,會感覺到與自行車以及路面更為融和。”
  • “Fixed Gear 有著一種純粹與及簡單的誘惑。”
  • “踏 Fixed Gear 是個絕佳的運動,當你要爬坡時,你不用想何時轉齒,因為你沒有這個選擇。”
  • “Fixed Gear 給予你一個非常直接的路感,故此在下雨或雪的濕滑路面尤為適合。”

2) 選購 Fixed Gear 困難嗎?

  • 並不。雖然在很多城市如香港,自行車店所提供的貨量選擇不多,但於網上車店購買亦簡單不過。要找一部合你身材的 Fixed Gear 亦不困難。通常量度閣下的身高及腳內跨長度已相當有效。
  • 若果你不想從車架及零件逐件地建造一輛 Fixed Gear,購買成車是不太費神及非常合理的做法。成車通常把價錢及效能比平衡得不錯,  日後若想提高品級亦相當可行。

3) 騎 Fixed Gear 需要甚麼特別裝備或衣服嗎?

  • 無特別。騎 Fixed Gear 是一項很輕鬆愉快的活動,當然配備(起碼)一個前煞、頭盔及一雙合適的鞋子,一定不會錯。如果你在晚間騎行,最好配備前後燈,否則有可能不合法。
  • 另一方面,如果你不想穿緊窄而又滿是品牌名及螢光顏色的車服,亦絕對適合。

4) 在怎樣的路上騎 Fixed Gear 至為理想?

  • 由於騎乘中的 Fixed Gear 並不能換擋,你會發覺平地是最佳的騎乘路面。但由於騎自行車是一項很好的運動,很快你便會發覺自己衝著上坡來挑戰一下。

5) 騎乘 Fixed Gear 困難嗎?

  • 騎乘 Fixed Gear 沒有甚麼高深莫測的科學,但倒是要花點功夫去領會每項技術的竅門,假如你想有型地上車下車或煞制。每項技術都需要稍作練習,但最終都不難掌握。

6)於 Alleycat Fixed Gear 的購物體驗會是如何的?

  • 我們忠誠的希望提供一個沒諸多手續、安全、及回應快速、同時有多種精美自行車及配件飾物供選擇的購物體驗給予閣下。
  • 我們經常留意一些肯定會吸引閣下的新貨品。若你一天看到我們似乎貨量減少了,可能是意味我們下一批貨品即將到臨。故此務必留意我們的上架情況。

*Quotes courtesy of Sheldon Brown.


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