About Aerospoke

Aerospoke, Inc. is one of the most recognized and respected names in composite bicycle wheels, and has been making them longer than anyone else in the world.

Aerospoke’s strong, aerodynamic, fast, low-maintenance wheels were first designed and produced twenty years ago in Milford, Michigan, USA, and have been continuously refined since then to meet the needs of customers. It is at this fully-equipped USA location that Aerospoke still proudly designs, manufactures, markets and ships its innovative line of products.

About Aerospoke Wheels

Aerospoke’s signature design, molded from a proprietary carbon composite construction with five airfoil-shaped spokes provides:

  • Rugged Durability – Better durability than traditional spoked wheels. No truing is needed! Great for larger riders or anyone concerned about durability, safety and maintenance costs/time.
  • Sleek Aerodynamics – Airfoil-shaped spokes cut through the wind, avoiding the egg-beater style turbulence of conventionally-spoked designs.
  • Effective Power Transmission – Low rolling resistance and effective power transmission, when compared to a “spongy” ultra-lightweight traditional wheel.
  • Customized Color/Graphics – Eye-catching colors and head-turning graphics let you personalize and customize Aerospoke to your taste.
  • A Wheel for Every Rider – Unique wheel and hub designs for road, fixed-gear, mountain and recumbent/trike applications!

700c Fixed-Gear Track Wheels

  • Track (fixed gear) wheels are bolt-on using stainless steel bolts.
  • 700c front track wheels are 100mm dropout width, rears are 120mm.
  • Wheels are available in natural unpainted black, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Yellow and White, or a variety of paint colors and graphics treatments for an extra charge.

Specialty and Custom Colors

20th Anniversary Edition – Dual-tone Color to commemorate 20 years of serving customers, Aerospoke is proud to introduce the 20th Anniversary Edition dual-tone color option. This attractive color combination features a platinum center color fading out radially to another color of your choice. A special graphic decal indicating “20th Anniversary” provides the finishing touch to these elegant classics.

In collaboration with Flwrider (HK Fixed – Hong Kong Official Dealer), Alleycat Fixed Gear is proud to present Aerospoke to you. Prices as follow:

  • Front wheel – Standard Paint: HK$2,800.
  • Rear wheel – Standard Paint: HK$2,900.
  • Add a solid color for HK$700 or  20th Anniversary Dual-tone for HK$860.
  • Shipping Charge applied (subject to quote).

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