Chrome started in Boulder, Colorado 16 years ago when a couple of guys needed bags and couldn’t find anything that met their standards. So they got the toughest materials they could find, headed into their garage and started sewing. Functional seatbelts from used car lots were re-purposed into bag straps, and tough vinyl fabric salvaged from old furniture was sewn into bag liners.

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Inside Line Equipment (ILE)

ILE bags are designed with strength and simplicity in mind, and the style and elegance found in cycling itself. It uses the toughest materials, and best machines, to make durable bags of all types. ILE bags are handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop bags are constructed with the most rugged assembly of industrial and technical materials in the United States of America. Domestic manufacturing allows them to make smaller, more controlled runs of every bag, ensuring that each bag is worthy of it’s lifetime warranty. Mission Workshop strives for a production level of goods that are unmatched in terms of durability, aesthetics and over all flawless construction.

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SAG Messenger bags are only produced in very limited quantity. The material is lightweight and sizes are ideal for cycling and urban life.

SAG Color Blue, front

SAG Messenger S – See details.

And see our happy collaboration with STOUT on VAGX bags!

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