Giovanni Pelizzoli, born in Curno, Italy in 1942, began his adventure in the cycling world at the age of 12. He obtained good results in bike races early on. He also used his off time to help his father, a bike mechanic, fixing bikes. It was by then the dream of building bicycles from a frame up started to plant seeds in young Pelizzoli’s mind. He started working for an artisan from Bergamo where he learnt to weld and build a bike frame. In 1969 Giovanni created the brand CIÖCC. While producing the CIÖCC bikes, he worked as a mechanic for the pro team G.S. Zonca. At the same time he took part in amateur races where he obtained great results. In 1977 Giovanni won the world cup on one of his own bikes.

In the 70’s and 80’s, the Polish national team competed on CIÖCC bikes and got brilliant results in the Moscow Olympics and the Warsaw-Prague-Berlin competition. Giovanni Pelizzoli sold the brand CIÖCC in 1980.

In recent years, due to high demand, Giovanni got back into the production of steel frames with great enthusiasm. It is under his very own eyes that welding, plating along with all other processes are produced to perfection. From 1983, bikes that built by him are branded PELIZZOLI. A brand and a signature that represent the glorious victories in the past and frame production to perfection in modern days.

Pista GP

The classic track geometry is the same as that used to compete in Sei Giorni di Milano in the eighties. High quality Columbus steel with pantograph lugs. And the legendary double flat crown track fork, which cancels the vibrations and improves stability and stiffness.

FRAME: Columbus SL, fully lugged
FORK: Columbus, 1″ thread head
BB THREAD: Italian
SEAT POST: 27.2mm

Now you can order this pure-blooded track frame through Rodafixa. Price from HK$9,000 up plus extra shipping charge. Please email your desired specifications to for price quotation.

Size A B C D E F
48 cm C-C 49,5 48 75° 8,5 54 38,2
50 cm C-C 52 50 74,5° 9,5 55 38,2
52 cm C-C 54 52 74° 11,5 55,5 38,3
54 cm C-C 55,5 54 74° 13,5 56 38,3
56 cm C-C 56 56 73,5° 14,5 56,5 38,3
58 cm C-C 58 58 73,5° 15,5 57,5 38,4

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