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Asia Fixed Gear Championships 2011

Posted: 05/06/2011 by Eric L in Event

QQRide’s Coverage of AFGC2011

Posted: 04/06/2011 by Eric L in Event
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QQRide’s photo coverage on AFGC2011.

Seen via QQRide.

After five months of hard work, AFGC2011 has finally come to an end. There are areas that we could have done better and smoother, but learning’s got to start somewhere.

We feel tremendously grateful to the supports of participants, sponsors and spectators. I hope everyone had a great time and will be back racing again next year.

Here is a sneak peek of the New Era AFGC 2011 caps, top row are competition Gold, Silver and Bronze winner’s caps, as well as the grey event cap which will come with every purchase of the event package. These caps are EXTREMELY LIMITED so register NOW!!!

On 12 March, a few of us Flwrider went meeting with Jan Kole again for the venue spotting of AFGC2011. This time we think we got ourselves an ideal venue – The Fisherman’s Wharf in Shekou, Shezhen (深圳蛇口漁人碼頭).

There is a long straight road for Sprint Race.

Sander hopped on the roof top testing a stage.

We met Mr Cheung, owner of Fusion Martial Art Club, who used to be a body guard in Hong Kong back in the days. With his generous help and blessing, the event now has a support station.

No one’s gonna fool around with all these champion belts in sight. If you look closely, Mr Cheung’s Aikido (合氣道) publication is in the cabinet.

This could be our Plan B for a rain check.

This is where the after party is – Luna Square. Boss of Luna Bar & Restaurant will hold the place only for AFGC as a private party. There will be shit loads of beers and music happening.

We went the extra miles of scouting for hotel options. With the help from Luna Bar’s boss, we marched into rooms of two hotels just round the corner. We will negotiate with these hotels about discounts given to AFGC participants. We want to be sure that you could still creep your way back to the hotel room no matter how wasted you got.

We’re getting more and more prize sponsors for the AFGC everyday. You should register as soon as possible to secure a place. Also, you can submit a one-minute mobile phone video to invite people to join the AFGC and win souvenir and tickets for the event. In the meantime, get prepared for the big day.

Show us your creativity and sense of humor in submitting a video shot with your mobile phone with a message “Come join Asia Fixed Gear Championships 2011 in May”, email it to, we’ll then upload it to Vimeo (and thus will show on Hong Kong Fixed Facebook page). The top 5 “most viewed” videos will win.

On 19th February, I tagged along Brian, Jan, Sander, Livia and Ben to spot the potential venues of Asia Fixed Gear Championship 2011. We took a good look at the Sport Stadium, City Hall and Expo Centre. Also spotted where after-party might take place. There’ll be whole lot of arrangement works for us to do in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.




只需三拾元人民幣參賽 (或一百元人民幣包括1.參賽2.大會紀念品3.賽後派對門票),車手們便可享受一個細意安排的賽事,當中眾樂之餘勝出者亦穫頒豐富獎品。

2011年5月28日 / 早上8時至中午
– 100-200參加者

2011年5月28日 / 中午至下午3時
– 自行車選美由評審團以以下條件裁判:
– 車款之原創性及個性化
– 部件之罕有度
– 整體美觀度
– 與車主之合襯度
– 50-100參加者

2011年5月28日 / 下午3時至7時
花式賽 (只限死飛/梗牙自行車)
1. 兔跳
– 以兔跳形式比賽鬥高
– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

2. 平地花式 (2分鐘)
– 由評審團以以下條件裁判:
– 難度 / 魅力 / 創意

– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

3. 倒車轉圈
– 比賽轉得最多向後的弧圈
– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

4. 定杆
– 比賽腳不離踏板而保持平衡最久
– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

2011年5月28日 / 9時後


2011年5月29日 / 8時至中午

1. 衝次賽
– 考驗車手爆發力的短途賽
– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

2. 繞圈賽
– 環繞深圳體育館50圈比賽
– 100-200參加者
– 分男子及女子組別

3. 自行車馬球
– 3對3
– 淘汰制
– 分男子及女子組別

2011年5月29日 4時至6時
4. 單輪自行車示範
– Mr. Martin Turner

Registration will begin early March
Fee :
RMB30 : Competition Pass
RMB100 including Competition Pass, souvenir and after party ticket


May 28th 2011 / Saturday / 8am to Noon
Asia Biggest Alley Cat Race
– 100 – 200 participants

May 28th 2011 / Saturday / Noon to 3pm
Bike “Show Off” contest
– 100 – 200 participants

May 28th 2011 / Saturday / 3pm to 7pm
TRICKS Competition (Fixed Gear Drive Train bicycles only)
1. Bunny Hop
– Competition to see who can bunny hop the highest
– 100 – 200 participants

2. Flatland Freestyle (2 minutes)
– Judged competition
– Judging criteria
– Difficulty level
– Charisma
– Creativity
– 100 – 200 participants

3. Backwards Circles
– Competition to see who can ride and make the most backwards circles possible
– 100 – 200 participants

4. “Last Rider Standing” Track Stand
– Timed competition to see who can balance the longest without taking feet of pedals.
– 100 – 200 participants

May 28th 2011 / Saturday / 9pm till late
AFGC After Party


May 29th 2011 / Sunday / 8am to Noon
1. Sprints
– Short distance race
– 100 – 200 participants

2. Criterium
– 50 Laps around Shenzhen stadium
– 100 – 200 participants

May 29th 2011 / Sunday / 1pm to 4pm
3. Bike Polo
– 3 on 3
– Elimination games

May 29th 2011 / Sunday / 4pm to 6pm
4. Unicycle Demo by Mr. Martin Tunner

Sponsors (big or small) who are interested in being part of Asia Fixed Gear Championships, please send an email to:

AFGC involving
Colossi Cycling
BJ Fixed Gear
Alleycat Fixed Gear
KEIRIN Cycle Culture Cafe
Viva La Bike
bagaboo bags

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