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Congratulations SPREAD

Posted: 20/10/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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SPREAD by G.U.M has opened its new shop in TST. One more great place to see great bikes. Check out their carbon lug road bikes by Cyfac there.


iMiNUSD 2 Year Anniversary

Posted: 26/09/2011 by Eric L in Bike Show
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Rodafixa Has Moved To A Bigger Space

Posted: 24/09/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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24th September 2011 not only marks the launch date of the first Hong Kong Apple Shop but also the move of Rodafixa to a bigger space (with wide windows). We thank all our customers at the old shop. You will love it even more at the new one. Our new address: A17, 7/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
2011年9月24日除了是香港第一間 Apple Shop 的開放日,亦是 Rodafixa 變身大店的日子(兼有大窗)。我們感激舊小店的每位顧客,您們一定會更喜愛此新店。我們的新地址:九龍觀塘興業街20號7樓A17室。

For customers who will come during 5-9 October, Eric will be getting some post-Summer sun tan somewhere in Boracay. Please contact Brian (Mobile: 90909312 / Email: to arrange your visit.
想於10月5-9日到臨 Rodafixa 的顧客,Eric 會於此段時間放個小假期,請聯絡 Brian (Mobile: 90909312 / Email:安排光臨時間。

The Shop

Posted: 14/08/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop


Posted: 02/06/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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Grafa Held a Swap Meet Session down at their shop recently, well last month. Kind of like a flea market, not for just bike parts, but also for clothing, shoes, both for guys and girls.

CNNGo‘s coverage of Factory 5, Shanghai’s first fixed gear home.

Tyler Bowa, one of the founders, says while he wants to see biking grow throughout China, he adds that commercial success is not their ultimate goal, but supporting the current grassroots movement.

“What we’ve done in Shanghai has always been organic, there’s never been anything forced about it. We want to continue to grow the scene exactly that way.”

See the whole story.

Just a note for everyone that Tyler will come to Asia Fixed Gear Champion as a Bike Polo referee.

Thanks Jade.

Coming Soon

Posted: 11/04/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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Wow, the winds of fixed gear are blowing to Warsaw, Poland now. Stay tuned for Asphalt’s website and check out their Facebook.

Retired Riders

Posted: 31/03/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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[SHINS] OPEN party

Posted: 23/03/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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SHINS, a new bike shop opened in Korea on 5 Mar 2011.

21St. Avenue Bicycles Tour

Posted: 07/03/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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