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Iconic Video Revisit – Danny MacAskill

Posted: 14/06/2011 by Eric L in BMX
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I was listening to the song from my iTunes and suddenly recalled this video. This has been posted multiple times but every time I view it I still have goose bumps. Huge respect to Danny MacAskill.


Pass The Bucket – Stephen Murray

Posted: 10/04/2011 by Eric L in BMX
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June 22, 2007 marked a day that the Action Sports world will remember for a lifetime. A day that has forever changed the life of professional BMX rider & three time U.S. Gold Medalist, Stephen Murray.
In the midst of doing a double back flip, Stephen Murray crashed while competing in the BMX Dirt Finals at the Dew Actions Sports Tour, in Baltimore, Maryland. It was quoted as being “one of the worst crashes seen in BMX” and one that would ultimately be career ending for this incredibly talented, 27 year old athlete. Fully paralyzed, Stephen now lives a different reality, but see’s it as a platform to help others. Through his “Stay Strong” foundation and missioner determination, Stephen surprisingly finds a powerful way to pass the bucket.

For more information on Stephen’s foundation go to Stay Strong.

[ DZ Re-Open day]

Posted: 02/03/2011 by Eric L in Fun, Hong Kong
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Further to our previous post, DZ Gold Coast Bike Park has re-opened on 27 Feb. And from their video, everybody seems to have a great time. Way to go DZ Park! Great job Chewy, Lucas and Daniel. Keep it rolling!

The 4th Harbourfront Bikeride for Pollution Free Hong Kong has been successfully completed. Some conclusive figures for reference:

  • Number of petition signature collected: 550;
  • Number departed from starting point: Police’s count 670, Our marshall’s count 880;
  • Mid-level climbing to Transport and Housing Bureau team: 120;
  • Arrive at Planning Department: 960 (another big number joined the ride after Electric Rd. The bike queue lined up from Planning department went all the way to the bottom of Eastern Corridor;
  • Arrive at Destination: 600 (many riders carried on riding journey and did not turn up at the seafront for photo taking.)

【 Made in Hong Kong 】

Posted: 13/02/2011 by Eric L in BMX
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【 DZ Gold Coast Bike Park 】
2010年頭,六名越野單車愛好者,自費租地,買建材, 出錢出力,建造了一個位於屯門掃管笏的越野單車場。可惜,入場人數未如理想,加上租務/財政問題, 2010年秋天單車場”結束營業”了。2011年年頭,他們再集結起來,和地主爭取了較平的地租, 現在由8~9名單車愛好者分擔租金。免費開放給單車同好,目的只是想維持香港唯一一個 “越野單車場”。

At the beginning of 2010, six mountain bike lovers volunteered to jointly set up a mountain bike park in So Kwun Wat (Tuen Mun, Hong Kong) with their own money. They rented a piece of land and bought the materials needed for constructing the park. However, the number of attendance failed to reach their expectation. Being further held up by other rental/financial problems, the park was finally closed in fall 2010. At the beginning of 2011, these bike lovers get back together again and have successfully bargained a lower rent with the landlord and the rent is now shared by eight to nine bike lovers. They run the park at their own expenses so that all other bikers can use the park for free. What these bike lovers want is to keep this one and only mountain bike park alive in Hong Kong.

DZ FaceBook page.

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

Posted: 21/11/2010 by Eric L in BMX

Once in a while I’d post a non-fixed gear video if I think it’s really really, I mean, really good. Well this is one of them. Almost a BMX equivalent of parkour in sites with magnificent view, executed in great music and montage. Please watch it in HD.

Read about it and watch the interviews with Danny at

Tim Knoll BMX

Posted: 22/10/2010 by Eric L in BMX, Video
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I’ve never seen BMX tricks like these. Tim Knoll’s style is very creative and acrobatic. It involves as much the bike as the man himself.

Vans – Bruno Hoffmann

Posted: 18/08/2010 by Eric L in Video
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Great clip. Question: How many times did his hood/cap come off?

Seen via Flwrider.