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Double O Championship / HEAT 3

Posted: 23/02/2012 by Eric L in Race

Double O Heat 3 was a team-relay race. Nine teams, each of two riders, had to finish 7 laps. We had some new riders joining this time and results were fascinating.


Double O Crit Heat 3 – Photos

Posted: 19/02/2012 by Eric L in Criterium
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Double O Crit Heat 3 was a first team-relay heat. 9 teams each consisted of 2 riders really gave it all. I was surprised to see the speed and courage of some riders. Stay tuned for the video.

Double O Championship / HEAT 2

Posted: 14/01/2012 by Eric L in Criterium

Last Saturday night was our Double O Heat 2. It was a 7-lap singles race extending some 21kms, challenging riders’ strategies and stamina. The Leader Board is getting interesting when seven front runners are accumulating more points from the previous two races. Heat 3 will further complicate the situation with a team relay format that requires a 7-point difference between two partners.

Double O Championship Heat 1 has taken place last night. A different result popped up. Frankie had been 2nd place for a few times in the previous Double Os but this time he beaten a few very strong and well trained riders. Congrats! And we’re lucky to have Jan Kole of Colossi Cycling coming to present the prizes while his son, Sander, to race. And come to think of it, Frankie just won the race with a fillet brazed bike made by Jan.

2011 07 02 Double-O Crit

Posted: 12/07/2011 by Eric L in Race
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Great edit from Paul Zero on the Double-O Crit that happened on 2 July.


Posted: 06/07/2011 by Eric L in Race
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Here’s Brian’s take for the Double-O Crit!

2011 07 02 Double-O Crit

Posted: 04/07/2011 by Eric L in Race
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More from the Crit. This time a nice edit by Paul Zero.

Double-O Crit Chapter 2

Posted: 03/07/2011 by Eric L in Race
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On 2 July 2011 more than 30 riders gathered at Sunny Bay to compete in the Double-O Crit near Disneyland Hong Kong. The air was humid but the race was fiery. Each team consisted of 2 riders. One would ride for 5 laps, each of 3k, while the other rider 4 laps.

Special thanks to Bicycle Pit and Rodafixa for sponsoring the prizes. Joseph and Andey from Flwrider to organize the event. And BrianF, Linton and Freddie as filming crew on the EVIL jeep. Also putting our hands together for the spectators.

Double-O Crit, Team Relay

Posted: 22/06/2011 by Eric L in Criterium
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The Double-O crit is back, we’ll be doing the race in Sunny Bay, with the same course. However this time it will be a TEAM RELAY. Which means you’ll be racing with a partner to claim your victory.

9 Laps this time, at SUNNY BAY DISNEYLAND AREA. Check out the route and race instructions below… This time we have loads of prizes from some awesome sponsors. And again there’s gonna be a bunch of FREE BEER and drinks for people to enjoy during and after the race!

Email if you need more race info.

We can’t thank Brian K of Bicycle Pit enough for contributing this time around… Thanks to our other sponsors too, Rodafixa, Hanart TZ gallery and San Marco.

If you’re free on the 2nd of July, come on over!


Posted: 02/05/2011 by Eric L in Race