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Pelizzoli World Website Going Online

Posted: 24/01/2011 by Eric L in Bike, Fetish
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Congratulations on going online, Pelizzoli World! A website that is full of history, information and aesthetics. The first Hong Kong’s Pelizzoli is also covered here. Seeing your site makes me wanna ride my bike right now.

Some nice photos of a handsome frame in the Product section:


Mr Giovanni Pelizzoli, the builder of the classic Ciöcc bikes, now produces pureblooded track frames under his name. He is often famously quoted saying “…A bicycle built by a frame builder has the soul of the builder…”.

Video courtesy of rorymasini

Today, I’m excited to announce that Flwrider and Alleycat Fixed Gear are collaborating in bringing Pelizzoli hand-made frames to Hong Kong. Color and ways of bracing/welding are made to order. Details of ordering will be announced soon. Here are the pictures of the very first Pelizzoli GP Pista frame in Hong Kong. (Do expect some bike-porn material)


Building My Bike – 1

Posted: 02/01/2011 by Eric L in Bike, Fetish
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A big Thank You to Brian Fu and Brian Kwan! Without Brian Fu, whom I personally regard as Godfather of Hong Kong’s fixed gear scene, I wouldn’t be holding these gems on my hand. The H Plus Son prototype rim is excellently made and refined. And Brian Kwan at Bicycle Pit did a superb job lacing it with the Phil Wood hub. His attention to details is impeccable.

Stay tuned for later posts of Building My Bike.

[SEOUL got SOUL] Merry Christmas

Posted: 23/12/2010 by Eric L in Fetish
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NJS fans must view. Merry Christmas!

Jenny and the PK Ripper – Part I

Posted: 24/11/2010 by Eric L in Fetish, Girl
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Jenny tools around downtown with this PK ripper frame and Cro-Mo landing gear. It’s built up with Paul crank arms and a Royal Flush 46 tooth chain ring, the BB is a Miche Primato, the chain is an Izumi Eco Track, and the pedals are Sinz Pro Platforms with Burro Premium straps. Up front the headset is Cane Creek, a Truvativ Hussefelt stem, and finished off with Ritchey WCS risers. The seatpost is a Ritchey Comp, the clamp is SE, and the saddle a Selle Italia Turbo. The wheels are All City hubs laced to Velocity B43’s with Michelin City 35c tires for some serious city street riding.

If you enjoy these photos here, perhaps you’d like to buy the Fixfixfix 2011 Calendar for the pleasure of looking at hot fixed gear bikes and the girls. It’s just USD12.99 for one. It’ll help the Fixfixfix keep running so that we’ll keep seeing the hotties.

Seen via TheFixfixfix.

Bill Amberg X Charge

Posted: 21/10/2010 by Eric L in Fetish, UK
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“One off Jucier by Bill Amberg”

Seen via Charge.

Nitto Love Hate Track Bars

Posted: 09/10/2010 by Eric L in Fetish

Seen via Death Spray Custom.

Seen via Cosmic Cycling.