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Bike Rides – YMT Fixed

Posted: 30/01/2012 by Eric L in Bike Ride, Hong Kong
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After Fredrik Andersen bought his Bianchi Condotti at Rodafixa, he started YMT Fixed with his mate Glenn. Well, Fred, we love to see new faces to the Hong Kong fixed scene. And we hope your evangelical effort of fixed gear cycling in Norway will take it up to a new level!

Here are a couple of nicely edited rides of YMT Fixed guys! Keep your new clips rolling in!



The first fixed gear Halloween Alleycat in Hong Kong. 33 racers participated. Round of applause to all.

Huge respect for non-local racers such as Nicholas and Kian Tat from Malaysia, Ellen from Macau and Sander from Shenzhen, China. The first 7 were super fast front-runners. The rest of the pack took another 30 mins or more to reach end point.

1st: Kenneth Chau
2nd: Sander Cole
3rd: Brian Kwan
4th: Even Chim
5th: Alex Lau
6th: Peter Yiu
7th: Cyrus Leung
8th: Ian Tam
9th: Frankie Leung
10th: Andrew Chung
Best Outfit: Sheila Hioe

Big thank you to the sponsors: Colossi Cycling, Bicycle Pit, G.U.M, Ciclismo Totale, Mission Workshop and Rodafixa.
Flwrider will be back with more races soon.

Big thank you to Brian Fu and Freddie Li for their help and knowledge in the game. And Jack Tong for photographing the riders, in digital and FILM! Yum~

ATV感動香港 2011 – 洪松蔭

Posted: 10/10/2011 by Eric L in Rider
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A ride was set out from 0:00am on 7 August to go around Hong Kong island. More than 30 riders, including mostly fixed gear, took part in the ride which run for more than 4 hours. The route was full of long grinding climbs and fast descents. Whole journey was about 45K. We grabbed a breakfast at McDonald’s at 4:30am before any useable public transport was opened.

2011 07 02 Double-O Crit

Posted: 12/07/2011 by Eric L in Race
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Great edit from Paul Zero on the Double-O Crit that happened on 2 July.

At 7:00am a few Flwriders gathered at Fei Ngor Shan (Flying Goose Hill) to film yet another chapter of HK Hills. Previous chapters can be viewed at​flwrider.

[ DZ Re-Open day]

Posted: 02/03/2011 by Eric L in Fun, Hong Kong
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Further to our previous post, DZ Gold Coast Bike Park has re-opened on 27 Feb. And from their video, everybody seems to have a great time. Way to go DZ Park! Great job Chewy, Lucas and Daniel. Keep it rolling!

The 4th Harbourfront Bikeride for Pollution Free Hong Kong has been successfully completed. Some conclusive figures for reference:

  • Number of petition signature collected: 550;
  • Number departed from starting point: Police’s count 670, Our marshall’s count 880;
  • Mid-level climbing to Transport and Housing Bureau team: 120;
  • Arrive at Planning Department: 960 (another big number joined the ride after Electric Rd. The bike queue lined up from Planning department went all the way to the bottom of Eastern Corridor;
  • Arrive at Destination: 600 (many riders carried on riding journey and did not turn up at the seafront for photo taking.)

A 70k ride was arranged by the fixed gear boys. The route goes from Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tai Po, Sheung Shui then finally to Sha Tin. But I underestimated the time needed and arranged another gathering in the evening. I had to leave on 30k mark. But it was all fun riding with everyone, on a brilliant day with spectacular views along the route.

And another brilliant video shot and edited by Roy:

The route I did as recorded by Endomondo.

Ride Again, for ‘A Green Harbourfront Cycle Path for Hong Kong Island’. The 4th Waterfront Bike Ride for a Pollution-Free Hong Kong, 12th Feb 2011. THIS EVENT IS FREE OF CHARGE! Calling for a cycle path along the Hong Kong island harbour front, to open up our harbour for leisure, transport and tourism that’s healthy and green lifestyle.


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