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Fixiepicnicweekend 2011 Trailer

Posted: 21/04/2011 by Eric L in Korea
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Nice early summer breeze from Korea.

[SHINS] OPEN party

Posted: 23/03/2011 by Eric L in Bike Shop
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SHINS, a new bike shop opened in Korea on 5 Mar 2011.

2011년 토끼해 방방 날뛰세

Posted: 07/02/2011 by Eric L in Korea

Filmed & edited by Planet hops team, Korea.

VM Project Short Film 2011 Winter #01

Posted: 28/01/2011 by Eric L in Video
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[SEOUL got SOUL] I Am a Mechanic / Part 2

Posted: 12/01/2011 by Eric L in Korea
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Well said, Jungho Bang.


Posted: 01/01/2011 by Eric L in Korea
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VM Project Vol#1/4 “Vital Moment”

Posted: 24/12/2010 by Eric L in Korea
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I can never resist fast riding like this. Textbook demonstration of downhill fast rides and skids.

Fixiepicnic Weekend 2010 korea / Seoul

Posted: 24/11/2010 by Eric L in Fun, Korea
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