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2012 Red Hook Crit Video

Posted: 04/05/2012 by Eric L in Criterium

A video filmed and cut together from three cameras: Canon 5DMK3, Canon C300 and Red Scarlet.

On-board camera shows the excitement of the race.

The Red Hook Criterium is a unique nighttime bike race in Brooklyn, New York. Each March, more than 80 amateur cyclists – business owners, artists and bike messengers by day – descend on Red Hook’s industrial streets, bringing with them their fixed gear, brakeless, single speed bikes (and a hefty dose of courage) to race on a techinical course. The athletes are as different as can be, but they’ve all got the same goal in mind: winning the famed cobblestone trophy.

“You know, we in this ain’t no hipster shit.”

This is a story about one rider’s journey towards his first-ever Red Hook Crit. Frank Warren, owner of the Breukelen Coffee House in Crown Heights, is a passionate amateur cyclist who dreams of making a podium finish and cementing his name on the fixed gear circuit. But running a successful business while training for the biggest race of his life is a difficult balancing act. Can he do both?