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BFT 2012 Summer Feature

Posted: 05/05/2012 by Eric L in Music

Kaiyun and Max came up with another great MV! One can always feel that freshness from Taiwanese visuals. Great work.


Thank You FGGT!

Posted: 04/08/2011 by Eric L in Taiwan
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Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan has always shown us how girls can be beautiful, cute, independent, skillful in FG riding and socially active at the same time. We have always followed your blog which has a great taste of bike art and photography, among many other great things.

It’s such a pleasure to receive FGGT’s hot lips. They are now up for grabs at Rodafixa.

港仔。梗牙。環台。上 and 下

Posted: 31/07/2011 by Eric L in Taiwan
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Two of my dear friends, Dougea and Frankie, went for a round-the-island trip in Taiwan in late February to March 2011. The trip was filled with happiness, amazement of magnificent views, reckless young sweat and blood (literally, Dougea had an accident on 2nd last day). We hope this adventurous spirit and will power in fighting to the end will inspire a lot of people.

More details HERE.

Borrowed photos from 大大兒. Photo set can be seen here.

It’s a long day for both of us, but full of excitement. We visited Nabiis Armory workshop only to find that they’d moved. The flat at Kaifeng Street was rented to their buddy called John. We found out later in the day that they just signed up for a new office somewhere else.

We headed to the show and tricks demo was just underway. We saw amazing tricksters from Taiwan and Korea. But no show is ever complete without Ines Brunn’s acrobatic demo.

We then went to Cinelli in the show and set up what was mentioned here. Saw a super dope Cinelli Rammer handle bar and got their 2011 catalogs for bike and accessories.

And we were extremely lucky to be able to witness the climax of the day: Cinelli Peace Ride 2011. We met lots of great people such as Nabiis guys Ken and Chek, Ines Brunn, the ever-so-sweet FGGT girls, Beardude (貝哥哥), friends from ID-Fixed Indonesia, guys from Singapore that Brian met in Tour of Singapore, and many other people that I’m gonna remember for a long time.

Lots of nice bikes.

I’m not gonna tell you who he is.

The beaming FGGT girls – 藍寶 and Mao.

Beardude!! He’s da man!! (貝哥哥本尊)

The race adopted an Alleycat sort of start and a 3-lap Criterium circling the Daan Forest Park. It was so exciting.

Carol from Central News Agency. She’s filming the whole event by herself just to make it into a 2-minute coverage. And I tell ya, she’s one B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L lady.

I’m gonna give you an abrupt end of today’s coverage, because drinking with the lady was not gonna happen. Brian and I took a long walk to the train station in rain. We will leave Taiwan tomorrow after one more meeting at the Bike Show in the morning.

Bike Ride through Bali, Taiwan

Posted: 24/11/2010 by Eric L in Taiwan
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How much I miss (Cat Power) Chan Marshall’s voice. And remember I did a same last shot on one of my videos too.

Mavis Fan

Posted: 09/11/2010 by Eric L in Celebrity, Taiwan
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Seems Mavis Fan is really feeling the fixed gear bug and having a good time with guys at Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan.

Seen via FGGT.

Charmer Black Prototype

Posted: 10/10/2010 by Eric L in Taiwan, Video
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Seen via Breakbrake 17.

Mavis On Fixed

Posted: 01/10/2010 by Eric L in Bike, Celebrity, Taiwan
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Mavis Fan just got her fixed gear bike.

范曉萱剛拿到她的 fixed gear bike 啦。

Seen via her blog.