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Getting Ready

Posted: 08/02/2011 by Eric L in Outfit
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Rahpa‘s Spring & Summer 2011 range.


Red Bull Mini Drome Trailer

Posted: 13/01/2011 by Eric L in UK
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Rapha Continental Film, Coming Spring 2011

Posted: 01/01/2011 by Eric L in UK
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Glasgow Bike Shed

Posted: 15/12/2010 by Eric L in Bike Shop, UK
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Glasgow Bike Shed is a Glasgow based Community Social Enterprise run by volunteers that recycles bicycles from a variety of local sources and promotes safe cycling in town.

Thank you Greg for sending in your angelic project and works.

Check out more about Glasgow Bike Shed.

Bill Amberg X Charge

Posted: 21/10/2010 by Eric L in Fetish, UK
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“One off Jucier by Bill Amberg”

Seen via Charge.

Free Bike Fit

Posted: 18/10/2010 by Eric L in UK
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Offered by London police. Self-explanatory.

Seen via Cyclodelic.

About Bike Polo.

Fix Up ‘Goldsprints’ Roller Racing

Posted: 13/10/2010 by Eric L in Goldsprint, UK, Video
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FIX UP ROLLER RACING at Keirin Bar / Nihon (Nottingham, UK) will start Friday 15th October.
Then Every friday features ‘Have a go’ sessions, team racing, 1000m challenge and the monthly ‘Open Bike Night’.

About what a Goldsprint is, please see here.

Lovely Juliet

Posted: 07/10/2010 by Eric L in Celebrity, UK
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Seen via Fuck Yeah Fixed Gear.

London Open 2010 Bike Polo Tournament

Posted: 03/10/2010 by Eric L in Bike Polo, UK, Video
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Sponsored by 14 Bike Co, the London Open is the London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (LHBPA)’s new annual tournament. More pictures here.