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Commercial fragments of the best bike rental ever

Posted: 21/12/2011 by Eric L in Fun

Bikes can be so much fun.


[ DZ Re-Open day]

Posted: 02/03/2011 by Eric L in Fun, Hong Kong
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Further to our previous post, DZ Gold Coast Bike Park has re-opened on 27 Feb. And from their video, everybody seems to have a great time. Way to go DZ Park! Great job Chewy, Lucas and Daniel. Keep it rolling!

One Picture Says It All

Posted: 02/02/2011 by Eric L in Fun
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Seen via The Foot Down.


Posted: 01/02/2011 by Eric L in Fun
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Seen via mansanman.

Fixiepicnic Weekend 2010 korea / Seoul

Posted: 24/11/2010 by Eric L in Fun, Korea
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Hong Kong Fixed Gear is organizing a Halloween Costumes Ride on 31 Oct. Preliminary time is from 4:00-10:00pm. We’re still gathering enough (15) riders to make it really happen. If you are interested, register HERE.

Did You Take A Grey Bike…

Posted: 10/10/2010 by Eric L in Fun

After Missing! No Reward, another submission from a reader (name withheld).

Via Fuck you very much.

Missing! No Reward

Posted: 08/10/2010 by Eric L in Fun
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Inspired by a previous comical post, Jason sent this in to add to the comical fun.

Via Cool Hunting.

Honey, have you heard of…

Posted: 06/09/2010 by Eric L in France, USA
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A short conversation between a couple.

Bicycle Girls

Posted: 05/09/2010 by Eric L in Fun, Girl, Poland
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A recently launched site from Poland showing interesting pictures of girls on bikes.